Mobilizing Misogyny

This article explores the consequences of virulent misogyny propagated by white-male supremacists that is intertwined with racism and nativism.

Alex DiBranco examines the history of U.S. election campaigns to explain the intricate dynamics of anti-gender backlash. She explores how the ascendance of the alt-right movement and white-male supremacism has promoted polarized views, some of which have serious consequences for communities, and particularly communities of color and women.

By paying attention to how Trump’s rhetoric has influenced alt-right discourses, Dibranco unpacks the intersections of misogyny, racism, and nativism within various political ideologies. The article highlights how both  secular and religious right-leaning  movements share a common denominator of misogyny. In the case of  banning abortion rights and limiting access to reproductive healthcare, those views coincide in denying women bodily autonomy. DiBranco emphasizes the importance of tracking and comparing these connections, rather than treating them  as disparate and isolated occurrences.

The article touches on how  women’s rights, especially abortion rights, have been targeted by  the Christian Right, ultra conservative secular groups, and White supremacist groups. The article draws parallels between the stories of Elliot Rodger, whose killings were motivated by misogyny, and White supremacist terrorist Dylann Roof, emphasizing that media portrayal of such right-wing violence as isolated incidents overlooks their connection to anti-rights and anti-democracy interests that share a misogynistic leaning. . These acts of violence are products of larger social systems-misogyny and racism-not an exception. Thus, an intersectional feminist organizing approach is needed to address their effects and  oppressive nature.

Who will find this resource useful

Those seeking to understand how male supremacy forms a core component of white nationalism and anti-gender backlash may find this resource valuable.

About the author

Alex DiBranco is the co-founder and executive director of the Institute for Research on Male Supremacism (IRMS). A sociology PhD candidate at Yale University, writing her dissertation on the U.S. New Right movement infrastructure from 1971-1997, she was a member of The Public Eye editorial board, formerly PRA’s Communications Director, and currently is affiliated with the Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies.

03 June 2024