‘Now and Men’ Podcast: Men, Masculinities, and Gender Equality

A monthly podcast series discussing a wide range of issues connected to men, masculinities and gender equality in the 21st century.

‘Now and Men’ was created by researchers and MenEngage members in the Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse at Durham University in the UK. It was created to highlight and explore why feminist issues are relevant to the lives of men and boys.

The podcast launched in July 2021, and a new episode comes out at least once per month. Each episode is based around an in-depth, 45-60 minute conversation with an expert, including practitioners, activists and academics, and considers both the practical and personal implications of their work.

The podcast has discussed a wide variety of internationally-relevant issues so far, including fatherhood, preventing men’s violence against women, war and militarism, climate change, men’s health, and much more, with guests including Professor Raewyn Connell, Luis Lineo, and Professor Bob Pease.

You can listen to ‘Now and Men’ here, or on all major podcast apps.

Who will find this resource useful?

The podcast is intended to be accessible to a general audience, but should be particularly interesting for people involved in the men and masculinities field. This includes those who are new to gender equality work and eager to learn more, or who are looking for multimedia tools to use within their teaching or work with men and boys.

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About the authors

The podcast is hosted by Dr Stephen Burrell and Sandy Ruxton, who are UK-based researchers in the Department of Sociology at Durham University. Both have done numerous pieces of research, writing and work about men, masculinities and gender equality. Sandy is on the Steering Committee for MenEngage Europe, whilst Stephen is a trustee for White Ribbon UK.

21 June 2022
First published
14 April 2021


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