Policy Agenda: Economic Justice & Rights

A Policy Agenda for advancing women’s economic empowerment, including through the equal uptake of care work by men all around the world.

Achieving gender equality will mean that men and boys take on their equal share of the world’s paid and unpaid care work. This Policy Agenda identifies advocacy points on the need to address stereotypical notions of masculinities that are currently inhibiting men’s and boys’ care work.

Policy Agenda: Economic Justice & Rights

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Who will find this resource useful?

This Policy Agenda is a useful resource for anyone wishing to advocate for a comprehensive framework to support the full realization of economic justice for all. It is relevant for economic justice advocates, activists, policy-makers, UN agencies and allied civil society organizations at the Generation Equality Forum and beyond.

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This is part of a series of MenEngage Alliance Policy Agendas for the Generation Equality Forum. The series sets out the latest advocacy positions of MenEngage Alliance on key issues.

About the Authors

This resource was developed by MenEngage Alliance global Advocacy Working Group for joint advocacy efforts at the Generation Equality Forum.


Image credit: Riya Kumari

28 March 2021