Policy Agenda: Technology and innovation for gender equality

This Policy Agenda sets out our collective advocacy positions regarding technology and innovation for gender equality.

This Policy Agenda offers a framing for advocacy efforts around the rapidly changing world of technology and online media. It looks at some of the key technological developments impacting work with men and boys within the context of broader social justice trends.

It offers advocacy insights on harmful and patriarchal trends in digital spaces, from online misogyny and so-called ‘incels’, to extreme concentrations of wealth and power created by giant tech firms.

Broadly, it underlines the need to develop a better understanding of the digital contexts in which these trends are moving.


Policy Agenda: Technology and innovation for gender equality

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Who will find this resource useful?

This Policy Agenda is a useful resource for anyone wishing to advocate for policies supporting gender-equitable and non-discriminatory practices and outcomes in the area of technology, digital media, and innovation. It is relevant for equality advocates, activists, policy-makers, UN agencies and allied civil society organizations at the Generation Equality Forum and beyond.

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This is part of a series of MenEngage Alliance Policy Agendas for the Generation Equality Forum. The series sets out the latest advocacy positions of MenEngage Alliance on key issues.

About the Authors

This resource was  developed by MenEngage Alliance global Advocacy Working Group for joint advocacy efforts at the Generation Equality Forum.


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28 March 2021