Policy Agenda: Women, Peace and Security & Humanitarian Action

This Policy Agenda sets a progressive framework that can be used to advocate for humanitarian action and in solidarity with the Women, Peace and Security agenda.

Institutions of war are highly masculinized and built on the mobilization of men’s bodies to fight. Building on this understanding, this Policy Agenda sets out how we can collectively call for policies that better understand, resist, disrupt, and transform these dynamics.

Policy Agenda: Women, Peace and Security & Humanitarian Action

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Who will find this resource useful?

This Policy Agenda is a useful resource for anyone wishing to advocate for peace and women’s leadership in peace processes. Moreover, it provides connections between militarism and patriarchal masculinities. It is relevant for peace advocates, activists, policy-makers, UN agencies and allied civil society organizations.

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This is part of a series of MenEngage Alliance Policy Agendas for the Generation Equality Forum. The series sets out the latest advocacy positions of MenEngage Alliance on key issues.

About the Authors

This resource was developed by MenEngage Alliance global Advocacy Working Group for joint advocacy efforts at the Generation Equality Forum.


Image Credit: Aegor Myznik

28 March 2021