Press Statement Calling for Action to Stop Rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Last year the African Union declared this decade, 2010-2020, the African Women’s Decade.

Between July 30th and August 4th nearly 500 women and girls, and some boys and men, were raped in and around the village of Luvungi in the Eastern DRC in a campaign of ongoing terror waged by armed groups who use rape as a weapon of war. To date, armed groups and soldiers from the Congolese armed forces have raped over 200,000 women.  We, the undersigned members of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s Network of Men Leaders and members of the MenEngage Alliance and the Athena Network, call on the African Union, its regional bodies and member states to take urgent action to demonstrate their commitment to indeed ensuring that this decade improves women’s lives and brings an end to the endemic violence faced by women and girls across the continent, especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Download the full press statement below.

Authors: Bafana Khumalo and Gary Barker

Institutional Sponsors: UNite to End Violence Against Women, MenEngage, and ATHENA

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