Prevention Collaborative: Knowledge Hub

A hub of “high-quality, accessible resources for practitioners seeking to reduce violence against women and their children” curated by Prevention Collaborative.

The Prevention Collaborative Knowledge Hub focuses on ‘searching, sorting, and synthesizing’ the best and most relevant resources to support anyone working on ending gender based violence. It provides a user-friendly platform to explore curriculums, guides, prevention strategies, programme examples, and many other useful resources across a range of sub-topics related to gender-based violence.

The Prevention Collaborative Knowledge Hub maintains a dedicated section on Working with Men and Boys in a transformative manner. In this section they aim to, 

“strike the right balance between making prevention work appealing and accessible to men at the same time as ensuring it addresses the harms caused by male power and privilege, from which men benefit.”

Prevention Collaborative (2018)

One example showcased on the Prevention Collaborative Knowledge Hub is the Bandebereho program. This program demonstrates how a program can be transformative when engaging men, specifically fathers, and couples in reproductive health, equal caregiving, and violence prevention. Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre (RWAMREC), a member of the MenEngage Alliance, led its implementation alongside Equimundo (former Promundo).

 We encourage you to visit the Prevention Collaborative’s web page and explore other resources and case studies of how work with men and boys in a transformative capacity is being carried out.

About the authors

The Prevention Collaborative is a NGO dedicated to preventing violence against women and children. They work with women’s rights organizations, civil society groups, international NGOs, donors, and governments to strengthen and deliver cutting-edge prevention programs.

03 June 2024