Working with men and boys to promote gender equality and to end violence against boys and girls (A long report of the workshop)

This publication attempts to capture a moment in the ongoing efforts to work with men and boys to end gender-based discrimination and violence against women and children in the region. Boys and girls are subject to the violence generated by patriarchy. This horror story is lived and relived in all parts of the region leaving no social class or locale untouched. Interventions that treat men as the villains and women as the victims have not taken us far. Patriarchy is so deep rooted that it cuts across ‘male female’ divides. Inequality is structural. Uprooting patriarchy and bringing equality requires a radical change in viewing and responding to the problem. This book highlights some of the areas needing further attention, the grey areas over which debate ensues, and highlights both the concerns and the possibilities. It contains a listing of methodologies, tools and approaches that are working, and the discussions that they invite.

Authors: Bela Malik, Lena Karisson and Ravi Karkara

Institutional Sponsor: Save the Children

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