Working with men on gender, sexuality, violence and health – trainers’ manual

Each module has several session outlines with the learning objectives spelt out as well as notes for the facilitator, handouts and references for further reading for participants, exercises, case studies. Since the contents of this training are directed towards changing mindsets and challenging existing beliefs and attitudes, it has also attempted to list some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and possible responses by facilitators at the end of each session. Facilitators’ Notes include the theoretical issues that may need to be highlighted as well as specific experiences and struggles that facilitators may need to share as role models and gender sensitive men.

Author: Audrey Fernandes, Dinesh Sharma, Praveena Kukade, Rabindra Singh Jeena, Renu Khanna, Satish Kumar Singh, and Vrunda Vaze

Institutional Sponsors: SAHAJ. SAHAYOG, and TATHAPI

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