XY Online-resource library on men and masculinities

XY is a comprehensive library of research, reports, blog posts, and other materials relevant to working with men and boys and transforming patriarchal masculinities.

XY Online is a pro-feminist website dedicated to exploring the complexities of men’s roles in achieving gender equality and social justice.  You can browse materials on XY according to different themes and topics, providing a helpful guide to ‘men and masculinities’ materials within specific issues. 

In addition to external reports and downloadable materials, the website includes blog posts by a range of authors on topics relevant to men, masculinities, and feminism. For example, the blog post “Feminism and Men: Shut Up and Speak Up” by Robert Jensen, explores the potential conflict between speaking up as a male ally versus taking up space within feminism—and potential ways forward for aspiring male allies grappling with this question. And, articles such as “Violence prevention with men and boys: Notes on what we need” offer useful recommendations for those working to prevent and end men’s violence against women and girls.

Who will find this resource useful?

The content collected here is for anyone seeking to work on masculinity. Whether you are just starting your journey in understanding the harmful effects of patriarchy, or well into your role as someone who challenges models of masculinity rooted in domination-over-others, you can find something useful here. Additionally, professionals working in fields related to gender equality, social justice, or men’s health will also find the resources gathered here useful in working with men.

About the authors

XY is coordinated and maintained by Michael Flood, Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology. Michael Flood also runs the Men’s Bibliography, an online resource of references on men and masculinities, and Profem, a profeminist email list.