MenEngage Global Alliance is looking for new Board members

Call for Expressions of Interest: Candidates for the Global Board of MenEngage Alliance for the period 2022-2024

MenEngage Alliance is looking for two new Board members to join our Global Governing Board, for designated seats representing Youth-led activism and LGBTIQA+ rights movements. 


MenEngage Alliance is a social change network of civil society organizations and practitioners who implement, research and advocate for gender transformative approaches to work with men and boys in women’s rights, LGBTIQA+ rights, and gender justice. The Global Board governs the organization and activities of “MenEngage Global Alliance (Inc.)”, the entity that connects and coordinates the Alliance’s work worldwide. The Board consists of representatives of the MenEngage Regional Networks; and representatives of international civil society organizations working for gender and social justice, including women’s rights; GBV/VAWG; SRHR; child rights; LGBTIQA+ rights; economies of care; youth activism; feminist peace; etc.

As the Alliance is continuing to strengthen partnerships and movement building approaches, we are currently seeking two new representatives to the Board from organizations and networks focusing on advancing LGBTIQA+ rights and Youth-led activism.  

About MenEngage Alliance

About the MenEngage Global Board

The MenEngage Global Board facilitates meaningful participation of members and key constituencies in the governance and decision making of MenEngage Alliance, as well as in setting its agenda and overall strategic direction. It consists of international leadership of the Alliance. The Board has designated seats for one representative per regional network (6 seats in total); and international feminist civil society organizations representing key constituencies, approaches and networks at an international level (currently 9 seats). A deliberate commitment is made to inclusion and diversity in the Board membership, including designated seats for key constituencies that the Alliance is accountable towards, including women’s rights, youth and LGBTIQA+ rights organizations and networks. 

Being a Board member of MenEngage Global Alliance is an opportunity to contribute to the realization of the Alliance’s vision and mission towards improving gender justice and human rights, and connect with a wide network of like-minded and committed activists and organizations. 

MenEngage’s Global Board represents the values, principles, commitments and areas of expertise of the Alliance. The Board supports the Alliance in meeting our goals. 

The Global Board members also will have fiduciary responsibilities (governance, good legal standing and management) for the registered non-profit organization MenEngage Global Alliance (Inc.) and provide strategic advice that informs the strategic plan and activities of the Alliance at the global level. The Board delegates responsibility of the day-to-day operations to the Global Secretariat. Board and Global Secretariat members do not have individual legal and financial liabilities. 

How Board membership works

Board membership of MenEngage Global Alliance is institutional. This means that an organization holds the seat on the Board, and a designated individual from that organization acts as its representative on the Board. Most Board member organizations also identify an alternate representative.

All Board members represent a constituency group: either the Regional Networks of MenEngage Alliance; international-level work for and by women’s rights, LGBTIQA+, youth constituencies, child rights; as well as specialized work on transforming patriarchal masculinities and engaging men and boys in gender equality and social justice. 

Board terms are 3 years, with possibility for re-election for up to one consecutive term (total of 6 years). At the completion of two terms, Board members rotate off and are eligible to run again after a two-year absence from the Board.  

Who and what are we looking for?

We are looking for two at-large organization/network representatives on Youth-led activism and LGBTIQA+ rights:

Candidate-organizations for the 2022-2024 term should:  

  • Be an civil society organization working internationally (cross-country; regional and/or global) working to advance Youth-led activism and/or LGBTIQA+ rights;
  • Have a relevant person who is interested and able to represent the organization on the MenEngage Global Board.
  • The organization and the individual representative(s) be committed to contribute to the vision, mission and objectives of MenEngage Alliance; and adhere to MenEngage’s Guiding Principles and Code of Conduct; 
  • Be willing to devote to the necessary capacity to the duties of a Board member voluntarily and as required; 
  • Familiarize with the strategic plans, policies, programs, budgets, strengths and needs of MenEngage Global Alliance; 
  • Prepare for, attend and actively participate in 4 Board meetings per year – of which maximum 1 in-person meeting if circumstances allow; 
  • Serve in leadership positions and participate actively in at least one Board committee (governance, human resources, finance and fundraising) and/or issue-based working group; 
  • Support the Global Secretariat in its execution of the work, including responding actively to requests by the GS as well as providing strategic guidance on strengthening strategic partnerships with relevant organizations, networks and movements; 
  • Be ambassadors for MenEngage Alliance; 
  • Represent and speak on behalf of the Board when relevant;
  • Provide strategic guidance and support efforts to generate resources and funds for the Alliance, following the accountability standards of the Alliance; 
  • Maintain open and honest communication with Board members and Global Secretariat, and be proactive in resolving conflicts; 
  • Suggest nominees for new Board members; 
  • Be willing to serve at least a three-year term, with up to one consecutive term (total maximum of six years). 



Interested organizations/networks are invited to send an expression of interest letter – including relevant information about suitability, interest, availability in relation to the position – to the Board’s Secretary at the MenEngage Global Secretariat via You can also contact here to ask further information and questions, and to ask for further conversation. Board nominations will be open until 14 February 2021. Upon receiving the expression of interest, the shortlisted candidates will be invited for further steps.

11 December 2021


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