We condemn the use of military means and violence in Nagorno-Karabakh – MenEngage Europe Statement

During the past week, but also since the tension increased in 2020, we have followed the political development between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the humanitarian situation in the region Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh and how it affects the civilians living there. Due to the recent military intervention in Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh, innocent women, men and children are now forcefully displaced from their homes, many have died, and families have been scattered.

The humanitarian losses in this conflict are alarming and continue to increase each day. The humanitarian needs are great and urgent, as will the long-term consequences be for all affected local communities. Increased sustainable and flexible financial support to local civil society actors is thus vital.

MenEngage Europe is dedicated to ending men’s violence in all its forms, no matter where and how it takes place. We support the development of non-violent and caring masculinities, and reject the dominating, aggressive roles normally associated with masculinity. MenEngage Europe strives for a world where peace prevails, and violence is eradicated.

Thus, we condemn the use of military means and violence, promote peaceful negotiations, and call for the implementation of confidence-building mechanisms to establish a sustainable and safe long-term solution. In the context of continuing violence and an increasing number of deaths, we wish to highlight the vital steps to restore peace and safety for all involved citizens, inside and outside of Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh.

We stand in solidarity with all civilian victims, the people who are now displaced, and all wounded and harmed in this conflict. We also support and stand in solidarity with all human rights actors who tirelessly work to ensure human rights, freedom of expression and conflict resolution. And we stand behind organisations and individuals who support victims of violence in this region with shelter, psychological support and necessities.

As a network of 100+ member organisations working for gender equality and violence prevention, MenEngage Europe supports diplomatic and peaceful solutions to conflicts, and stands united for civil society, for peace and against violence in all its forms.

06 October 2023