Terms of Reference for a Consultant to develop a working paper on Sex Work/Prostitution

MenEngage Alliance is seeking a consultant who will develop a working/discussion paper that outlines the processes, discourses and results of the working group on “Sex Work/Prostitution” to date. The consultant will develop a paper that outlines what the group learnt in the process; where they identified areas of common ground and difference; and point to further resources and potential next steps. The paper will focus on the roles of men and boys and accountability to women’s movements.
The paper will be process-oriented and descriptive. It is not intended to answer all questions, nor to provide a consensus position. The paper is intended to point readers to varying positions and arguments – in particular from a men and masculinities perspective, and to further inform respectful dialogue among Alliance members, partners, as well as the broader field of women’s rights and gender justice.

Activities and responsibilities:
= Review existing documentation on the issues of sex work/prostitution, including analysis of existing positions of selected MenEngage Alliance members, women’s rights and feminist organizations and networks, and governments (as relevant) across the regions.
= Consult with the members of the working group on various views on the issues and reviewing the notes of the working group.
= Consult with women’s rights actors and others as relevant to gain more insights on the issues, with analysis from a “men and masculinities” perspective.
= Analyze the collated information and put together a paper that outlines various aspects of sex work/prostitution vis-à-vis a men and masculinities lens, including outlining complexity, varying perspectives and points of convergence.
= Produce a paper for the Alliance, and present to the Global Board

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