We Will Speak Out case study

MenEngage Alliance is pleased to launch the third of three case studies intended to draw attention to Alliance members’ work on community mobilization and faith-based approaches to gender justice, developed by the Global Secretariat as part of a 2015 grant from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD). Each summarizes a particular project’s goals, methodologies, contexts, implementation, challenges and outcomes, offering in conclusion a brief assessment designed to provide value for Alliance members undertaking similar work.

This case study profiles We Will Speak Out (WWSO), a global coalition of Christian-based NGOs, churches and organizations, supported by an alliance of technical partners and individuals – chief among them Tearfund, a MenEngage Alliance member  – who together commit themselves to see the end of sexual violence across communities around the world.

WWSO has demonstrated significant promise as a model for engaging religious leaders, their faith communities, and faith-based organizations in the work of reducing sexual violence, on the strength of a compelling doctrinal commitment expressed in its founding document, the report Silent No More, and subsequent research which has outlined an effective pedagogy rooted in a nuanced understanding of gender norms and the transforming-masculinities approach to changing them. A challenge for the future will be enlisting support of increasing numbers of influential INGOs to WWSO’s work, to expand its impact and strengthen its resource base.

Click here for a PDF of the case study.

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