Website content writing, coordination, and process planning

Terms of Reference  |  Consultancy project  |  Worldwide |  Approximately 3 months


MenEngage Alliance is seeking support to identify and develop the updated content for its new website. In addition there is a need to develop the content management outline and processes for the website. This includes processes to populate the website with resources and information provided by members and partners of the Alliance. A Spanish language version of the website will be launched in parallel, for which core content will need to be translated, and processes established for ongoing translation of new content. The new website will replace the one currently online at

Support we are seeking through this consultancy:

The consultant, working closely under the Alliance’s Communications Coordinator, is expected to:

  • Identify and propose the written content that needs to be drafted, such as homepage copy, sub-pages copy etc. This can be identified by reviewing the current website and other key materials (such as reports), and collaborating with the Global Secretariat team to identify the areas for which written web content is needed.
  • Draft written content in order of priority needs for the website. Much of the written content can be adapted from existing materials, taking care to update as needed. It will be important to factor in review time for this process.
  • Create process and content guidelines for style, formatting, consistency, and accessibility (e.g. for those with specific needs such as visually impaired)
  • Develop a written standard operating procedure to keep the website up to date on an ongoing basis, including how content will be gathered from members (e.g. member profiles)
  • Develop guidelines that can be shared with with other contributors to the website (e.g. guidance for members on the information they need to provide for their membership profiles)
  • Populating the website in WordPress and flagging any content management issues with the new content management system (CMS).


  • Excellent writing skills in English language, and proficiency in Spanish and French will be value addition
  • Demonstrate strong commitments towards women’s rights, feminist curiosity and gender justice, including MenEngage Alliance’s Core Principles and Code of Conduct
  • Demonstrated capacity to work independently and collaboratively with key stakeholders, and in multilingual-cultural environments
  • Highly collaborative attitude, honest, transparent, reliable and flexible
  • Ability to articulate complex topics in everyday language
  • Strong knowledge of gender, development, masculinities, intersectional feminism, and feminist women’s rights movements
  • Experience creating plans of action, guidelines, and procedures for content management

Please see here for the full terms or reference:

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