MenEngage Africa

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Zambia is one of the most highly urbanized countries in sub-Saharan Africa with 44% of the population concentrated in a few urban areas along the major transport corridors, while rural areas are sparsely populated. Unemployment and underemployment in urban areas are serious problems, while most rural Zambians are subsistence farmers.

MenEngage Zambia

The Zambia National Women’s League (ZNWL) Men’s Network Project is the coordinator of the in-country MenEngage Network. In the last two years, the Network has been expanding outside Lusaka.

Organisations that are part of the network are:

  • ZNWL Men’s Network Project, the coordinator
  • The Nakonde Men’s Group near the border with Tanzania
  • The Solwezi Men’s group Near the border with Angola
  • The Mkushi Men’s Group in Central Zambia
  • Kasenga Men’s Group
  • The Council of Churches in Zambia
  • The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)
  • Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia (PPAZ)
  • The Men’s Network in Chipata near the border with Malawi
  • TAFOD Theatre Group in Lusaka
  • The Boys Network in Schools
  • Lungwasho Women’s Group

What do they do

Some of the activities include:

  • Working with men on addressing gender-based violence
  • Training of church leaders on gender equality
  • Advocacy programmes through media engagement
  • Sensitising bus drivers on gender-based violence
  • Working with boys in schools to end violence in schools against girls
  • Holding the Men’s and Boys Campfire Conferences
  • Networking with the Women’s Movement
  • Holding sessions on HIV/AIDS, SRHR with men

Target group for activities are:

  • Men
  • Boys
  • Church leaders
  •  Traditional leaders
  • Bus drivers in the communities
  • Policy makers in government and line government departments

As a result we have seen that:

The sensitisation so far has recorded a reasonably number of unique success stories. For instance the Men and Boys Campfires conferences that are conducted have proved to be so popular. Some of the victims of violence have been linked with the Zambia Police Service for prosecution of offenders. The Boys Network has been instrumental in reaching other boys in schools and communities. In schools the boys’ network members have been able to report cases of violence against girls because they have been equipped with knowledge on sexual violence.

Contact person for country network

Nelson Banda
ZNWL Men’s Network
P.O. BOX 30342 Lusaka Zambia
mobile, +260979612029

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