MenEngage Tanzania is an umbrella network that brings together 29 civil society organisations and groups, including not-for-profit, research and learning institutions, as well as individuals working with men and boys to promote children’s, youth and women’s rights in Tanzania.

MenEngage Tanzania member organisations work together in efforts to prevent and address gender-based violence, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and child abuse. Furthermore, the network is an advocate for maternal health issues, sexual and reproductive health rights. As part of a continental movement to engage men and boys to foster gender transformation, MenEngage Tanzania promotes positive masculinities and fatherhood. The network strives to promote strong working relations with women and youth movements as well as local government and national government officials, to ensure co-operation and collaboration.

To network’s objectives are:

  • To improve capacity of MenEngage Tanzania partner organisations to engage men and boys for gender equality, health and human rights;
  • To strengthen co-ordination among MenEngage Tanzania partner organisations, government, development partners and stakeholders at all levels; and
  • To mobilise constituencies of MenEngage Tanzania partner organisations for common advocacy goals.