Gender Alliance Initiative (G-All)

Gender Alliance Initiative is an initiative of active citizens from different scientific and social backgrounds working together in order to re-enforce and re-construct a New -positive, intersectional and inclusive- Gender Alliance with regards to gender, diversity and human rights issues.

We develop a diverse/innovative technique of studying and tackling gender and diversity issues by a simultaneous, equal and without exclusion engagement, activation and empowerment of:

  • men and boys (and persons identified as such)
  • women and girls (as above)
  • lgbtqi+ and non-binary persons

The main goal is to form -within a stable intersectional and inclusive framework- solid gender alliances and partnerships in order to: combat exclusion and discrimination, deconstruct the generally held view of normality, fight for gender equality and gender justice, against toxic masculinity (and any other kind of gender-based toxicity and constraint) and towards its transformation into humanity.

G-All will continue its efforts till the development of the appropriate conditions of freedom, peaceful coexistence and personal development for every human being. Without any kind of discrimination and exclusion based on race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, nationality, origin, language, religion, age, disability.

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