MenEngage Africa

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As of 2008, Burundi was projected to have an estimated population of 8,691,005 people. This estimate explicitly takes into account the effects of AIDS, which has a significant effect on the demographics of the country. Burundi is one of the five poorest countries in the world. It has a low gross domestic product largely due to civil wars, corruption, poor access to education, and the effects of HIV/AIDS.

MenEngage Burundi

Currently Burundi does not have a formal MenEngage network. The platform used at the moment is civil society organizations and NGOs. It is chaired by CARE International in Burundi. The platform does not have a website. CARE Burundi hopes to set up the Burundi MenEngage network with technical assistance from Sonke Gender Justice Network.

What does CARE Burundi currently do?

  • Engage men and boys against GBV
  • Engage men and boys for gender equality, positive masculinity
  • Engage men and boys against HIV
  • Engage men and boys for behaviour change
  • Engage men and boys in sexual and reproductive health (family planning, Fatherhood, HIV prevention) as clients, partners and allies

CARE Burundi works closely with other organisations such as CHOVIFE, ABUBEF, Family Health International and Pathfinder. Some of the activities implemented are as follows:

  • Involvement of churches in educating couples
  • Discussions on sexuality and STI treatment
  • Integration of gender equity and HIV programmes into municipal plans
  • Advocacy through the use of media
  • Involving men in family planning, SRHR and HIV and AIDS services for men
  • Peer Education
  • Attitude change in young boys through gender talks
  • Trainings on human rights
  • Using sport as a tool for social change
  • Strengthening technical skills of health facility-support
  • Working in partnership with Women Leaders (Centre for Family Development)
  • Education on behaviour change using the HIM approach (the image of an exemplary man)

Target group for activities:

  • Men and boys in rural and urban areas

As a result, communities showed improved knowledge and understanding on the effects of gender-based violence and how to prevent it in their homes and communities. Notably, men are now willing to engage in gender discussions with their peers on how to end violence against women and children.

Contact Person

Jean Nimubona
Menengage initiative CARE BURUNDI



27 November 2018

Coinciding with the global 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, ISOKO Fountain Organisation, the Secretariat for MenEngage Burundi, together with several partners launched a campaign to eliminate sexual and gender-based violence in Burundi on 27 November 2018.

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