An international network for social transformation

We harness the collective energies of our members toward ending patriarchal power and supporting women's rights, LGBTQI rights, and human rights – and achieving gender justice and social justice for all.

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MenEngage Alliance is a space for members to come together in solidarity with those most targeted by gender injustices and patriarchal systems to collectively dismantle structural barriers to women’s rights and gender equality. As a global network, we bring together people and organizations with a shared vision of a world in which gender justice and human rights are recognized, promoted and protected, where all people are equal and free from discrimination and oppression.

Our work with men and boys stems from the pioneering work and ongoing leadership of women’s rights and LGBTQI movements. This means we root our understanding of the world in feminist theory and an understanding that patriarchy is a system at the center of women’s and LGBTQI person’s human rights violations and gender inequalities.

MenEngage Alliance is a network of 1,100+ civil society members in more than 92 countries. Map accurate as of June 2024.

Our mission

The mission of MenEngage Alliance is to transform unequal power relations and dismantle patriarchal systems by:

  • Transforming patriarchal masculinities and rigid, harmful norms around ‘being a man’
  • Working with men and boys on gender justice through intersectional feminist approaches
  • Building inclusive collaborations from local to regional to global levels
  • Developing joint actions in partnership with and accountability to women’s rights, gender- and other social justice movements.

Together with women's rights and LGBTQI rights groups, we aspire to collectively understand, challenge, and transform patriarchal masculinities.

This includes addressing the ways that ideas, norms and values around being a man relate to a range of interconnected issues facing societies and the world today.

As members, and as a collective, we aim towards a shared vision and mission for positive change, and to transform unequal power for the benefit of all.

We strive to make work to transform masculinities and engage men and boys more accountable to those most impacted by systems of oppression.

We commit to centering gender justice, women’s rights, LGBTQI rights and anti-oppression movements in our individual and collective work. Our members are part of – or strive to work in partnership with – feminist-informed movements seeking justice and equity for all and a healthy planet. Read more about how accountability can build trust and partnerships for positive change.

Members use a variety of approaches in this work including campaigning, communications, political advocacy, grassroots activism, workshops, research, education, art and performance, and supporting institutional transformations to name a few.

Many members of MenEngage Alliance work with men and boys directly. They do this in schools and universities, workplaces, community organizations, faith-based organizations, sports groups, healthcare systems, and other institutions.

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MenEngage Alliance serves as a community of practice made up of country and regional networks. Together, we aim to develop and enhance collective:


By coming together in country and regional networks, we are more able to express a shared, collective voice in solidarity with those most marginalized by gender injustice and patriarchal systems in their contexts. Read more on our advocacy around masculinities and gender justice.


We come together to take collective action toward policy and political agendas for transforming patriarchal masculinities, in solidarity with those most marginalized by gender injustice and patriarchal systems.


We foster a culture of collective accountability, and provide tools, systems, and processes for strengthening accountability at different levels.


Through shared platforms and processes, we are able to share promising practices and lessons learned, discuss and apply research and evidence, develop and disseminate thought leadership, and collectively contribute to improving gender justice work with men and boys.


By connecting in different ways, we help set and enact a set of common standards for the work of transforming masculinities and gender justice work with men and boys, especially in terms of standards of accountability to women’s rights organizations, LGBTQI organizations and movements for intersectional feminism and gender justice more broadly.


We come together to support, inspire and energize each other for a world where all people are equal and free from discrimination.

There are currently more than 1,000 members from 84 countries, organized into country and regional MenEngage networks.