On this page you can find out about our Strategic Plan and Annual Plans.

Our Strategic Plan (2021-24) sets out a collective roadmap for our shared mission and vision. It has been developed together with the voices and expertise of members and partners of MenEngage Alliance, including women’s rights and social justice activists and organizations. It builds upon previous global and regional Strategic Plans and the Evaluation of the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, which included the views and insights of members and partners.

Understanding the world we live in

Our Strategic Plan aims to create a roadmap for how we can support positive change. First, we need to develop an understanding of the contexts we work in. The first section of our Strategic Plan aims to do this. It is a comprehensive context analysis of how we see masculinities in relation to global issues. We have also published the context analysis as a stand-alone paper:

Click here to read the context analysis, Contexts and Challenges for Gender Transformative Work With Men and Boys.

The context analysis helps us to understand the political, economic, social and technological trends in the world today—and how they relate to masculinities. It gives a foundation in understanding our role and added value in addressing cross-cutting issues from a ‘men and masculinities’ perspective.

Our goal

Our Strategic Plan sets out or goal of being a capable, inclusive and accountable social change network. We aim to harness the collective energy of our members to contribute to improved discourse, policy and programs. We aim to do so in partnership with feminist, LGBTIQ, and social justice movements.

The impact we want to make is to contribute to transforming patriarchal masculinities. This includes mobilizing men and boys as agents of change for gender justice. By 2024 we aspire to have made a meaningful contribution to ending patriarchal power, protecting human rights and achieving gender equality and social justice.

Read our Strategic Plan

Click here to read and download the MenEngage Strategic Plan 2021-24.

Click here to read the previous Strategic Plan (2017-21).

Our Annual Plans

Our Annual Plans set out the activities and actions we intend to implement as MenEngage Alliance in any given year. In particular, the Annual Plans share the main activities that are agreed by the Global Board and implemented by the Global Secretariat.

2023 Annual Plan (slide deck)

2022 Annual Plan (slide deck)