männer.ch strives to connect men – with themselves, with others and in the establishment of just gender relations. We take responsibility for gender issues and equality policy from men's perspectives.

Who we are

männer.ch was founded in 2005 and is simultaneously:

  • A professional association that strives for the further development, professionalization and anchorage of gender-reflective work with boys, men and fathers. It advises and executes projects and offers education and counseling.
  • An advocacy organization that works on a national level for gender justice and the concerns of men and boys.
  • A specialized agency that provides training, counseling and other services on behalf of institutions, authorities and companies.

In doing so, we are committed to the legal and true equality of the sexes and to humane social and economic structures.

How we work – triple advocacy

As men in the gender equality process, we at männer.ch are:

  • Agents of change: Boys and men have their own concerns when it comes to gender equality; they want to live freely and well, beyond gender clichés, realise their potential and interests and enjoy relationships on equal terms.
  • Allies and partners of gender equality and women’s emancipation: Even though boys and men may suffer from masculinity norms, they still remain structurally privileged. Gender equality policy has to account for historical context. It needs to demand boys and men to question their well-established privileges and support the gender equality concerns of women in solidarity.
  • Partners in an alliance for diversity and social justice: Gender equality cannot be regarded as achieved if only the most privileged men and women have the same rights and privileges. Cooperative gender equality policy involves boys and men working towards social justice and equality for all genders.

Main fields of action and projects

  • Support in transition to fatherhood: We offer new fathers support, knowledge and exchange. This includes birth preparation courses, online crash courses that focus on the area of work-life balance and connect men in companies, as well as a web platform that provides information and motivates men to deal with the question of what kind of father they want to be.
  • Transforming Masculinity – Advancing Equality: Advocacy on a political level. We contribute to the political discourse with a gender-reflective view, take a stand on initiatives and legislative revisions, lead or support campaigns (e.g. for paternity leave, against sexual violence, for more men in social professions).
  • Support and advice for men: We offer men advice and support in the form of phone counseling, and provide a map with access points to regional counseling and support services.
  • Developing work with and for men: As a professional association, we ensure the exchange and networking of professionals who work with and for men. We train the gender-sensitive perspective of school social workers, father advisors, psychologists, social workers, doctors, teachers, pastors, coaches and counselors during professional days and in our course «Gender-reflective work with men, boys and fathers».