The objectives of MenEngage Zimbabwe are:

  • To strengthen the men’s movement to redefine masculinities
  • To promote the transformation of cultural institutions and practices
  • To address patriarchy, gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS, particularly in rural areas.
  • To promote students protection against HIV/AIDS through education on SRHR issues
  • To promote gender equal relationships between boys and girls and protection from child-on-child abuse at schools and in home

The country network engages in joint activities including:

  • Engaging men and boys to address issues of male violence against women
  • Enhancing the capacity of traditional leaders and religious leaders in strengthening socio-cultural practices that promote gender equality
  • Carrying out community sensitivity workshops, trainings and dialogues on positive masculinities, male violence against women, sexual reproductive and health rights and HIV.
  • Working with young boys through schools programmes on ending violence in schools
  • Advocacy programmes through media engagement
  • Engaging, partnering and networking with women’s rights organisations that work on women’s empowerment and gender-based violence
  • Engaging men to be involved in the prevention of mother to child transmissions of HIV
  • Men’s indabas