ACEV (Mother Child Education Foundation)

Every child deserves a fair start in life. AÇEV is an NGO founded in 1993, and its mission is to ensure all young children are safe, healthy, happy, and learning.

AÇEV develops and implements evidence-based educational programs for children, parents, and young women in need across the country. AÇEV also conducts awareness-raising campaigns and engages in advocacy efforts to work to inform public opinion and policy making. AÇEV focuses on quality education in early childhood, the family’s role in raising the next generation, gender equality, and lifelong learning.

ACEV also aims to increase the equal division of labor and non-violent attitudes in the home and to ensure that the new generations are brought up by being exposed to egalitarian examples. AÇEV encourages fathers to take responsibility for their child care and development, form democratic relationships at home, and spend quality time with them through Father Support Program.

"I am a father" I wash dishes and do repairs.
"I am a father" I would not hurt my child.
"I'm a father" I support my daughter if she wants to be an astronaut.
"I'm a father" I feed my baby, I change her/his clothes.
"I'm a father" I prepare my child's school bag and lunch.
"I am a father" I am against violence

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