Foundation for Innovative Social Development

The Foundation for Innovative Social Development is a national nongovernmental organization in Sri Lanka working towards the upliftment of living standards of local communities. We enlist civil society participation and social mobilization in order to enhance the status of women, to build a healthy environment for children, and to create a society free from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

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Today, our organization stands out as a pioneering nongovernmental organization in the field of social development. While development has become a main area of concern for many government and nongovernmental organizations, the main focus at present tends to be on physical and infrastructure development. There are limited expertise and programmes concerning social development, an integral part of improving the quality of life of the people, which in turn is a key aspect of development.

Recognizing this need for expertise and programmes in the area of social development, we have identified three key areas of interest and have developed expertise concentrating on these areas, namely, the prevention of drugs and alcohol, the protection and promotion of child rights, and women and development (with particular focus on the prevention of gender based violence).

In addition working with civil society organizations, we facilitate the mobilization of the communities, enabling them to advocate for improvement in these areas. One of the special features of our programmes is that they take an innovative approach based on evidence and research.

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