We are a platform for members to connect with each other in our joint efforts to transform patriarchal masculinities and engage men and boys in gender equality and justice in North America.

North American MenEngage Network, (NAMEN) formed as a network in 2012. We have more than 140 individual and organizational members working in the USA and Canada.

Priorities for North America MenEngage Network

As with the global MenEngage Alliance network, accountability towards feminist women’s rights and social justice movements is a priority for NAMEN. Other current priorities for the region include deepening our knowledge, commitment to, and activities based on intersectionality and decolonization in our practice of promoting healthy masculinities.

We organize webinars to exchange knowledge and best practices as part of our Community of Practice approach.

A regional policy advocacy committee has been set up to provide a critical voice on state policies in Canada and the USA. Where possible, we aim to share a voice of solidarity with feminist leadership on policy matters in the region.

How we are organized

The management of collective activities at regional level are the responsibility of the NAMEN board. There is also a small secretariat team that supports the implementation of our strategic plan.

Milestones for North America MenEngage Network

In 2021 we held a regional Ubuntu Symposium. This was part of the 3rd MenEngage Global Symposium – the Ubuntu Symposium. Three key partners in our symposium program included:

  • Wica Agli, a US based native american organization focused on preventing gender based violence
  • The Performance Project, a US based youth focused organization using theater for intersectional story telling
  • Next Gen Men, a Candian based organization supporting youth and promoting the next generation of manhood.

In 2020, NAMEN inherited the 501c3 nonprofit status of one of its founding members. It operates as a network of members with a board drawn from the general membership responsible for decision-making, communications, and the management of collective activities.

Find out more about the North American MenEngage network at namen.menengage.org.

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