Digital Violence: A study of the profiles of perpetrators and survivors of digital sexual violence

A report to understand the systematic perpetration of digital violence against women and girls in Mexico.

Who will find this resource useful?

While this report focuses on the Mexican context, it is useful for anyone looking to better understand the factors that contribute to the prevalence of digital violence, primarily perpetrated by cisgender men. It is a comprehensive piece of research into the motivations of perpetrators, as well as the systems that allow digital abuse to take place. The report centers the experiences and needs of survivors of abuse.

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Read the MenEngage Alliance statement on digital technology as part of CSW67, and a MenEngage Alliance Discussion Paper on the same topic.

About the authors

This report was authored by Marcela Hernández Oropa – Member of the Frente Nacional para la Sororidad y Defensoras Digitales and co-coordinator of the masculinities network in Mexico, part of MenEngage Alliance. It has been developed together with a number of partners.

Please note, the English version is a translation of the original in Spanish. An AI translation tool has been used. Therefore, please be mindful that this translation may contain inaccuracies, or translation errors. For references, please refer to the original Spanish versión of this report by selecting the language options in the menu bar of this website.

28 February 2023
First published
20 December 2023
Latin America
Latin America