A practical guide to engaging boys and young men to prevent sexual harassment and sexual violence against women and girls.

This toolkit is full of activities that can help you have deep and impactful conversations with boys and young men.

It is aimed at those working directly with boys and young men, such as in schools, universities, or youth groups. With practical ideas and inspiration, it can help you in your work promoting boys and men as young advocates for gender equality, for healthy relationships, and as active voices against gender-based violence.

Based on experiences from several European countries, it contains a range of tested exercises that can be adapted to your context. In addition, the activities in the toolkit can be adapted for single-sex or mixed gender groups.


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See more resources for working with boys and young men for gender justice here. Find out more about the IMAGINE project here.

About the Authors

The IMAGINE toolkit is the outcome of a collaboration between three MenEngage Alliance members: Emancipator (Netherlands), MÄN (Sweden) and Beyond Equality (formerly the Good Lad Initiative) (UK). It was published in June 2018.