Peer Learning Sessions: Call for submissions for 2024 now open

The MenEngage CoLab has opened a call for submissions for its Peer Learning sessions in 2024.

Inspired by the MenEngage Ubuntu Symposium, the MenEngage CoLab is a series of opportunities for cross-learning among members and partners of MenEngage Alliance globally.

These sessions, showcasing promising examples of gender transformative approaches, seek to  facilitate cross-learning and exchange between members and partners involved in this work. Goals of the CoLab peer learning sessions include: raising awareness of promising practices; strengthening capacities; exchanging lessons learnt; and inspiring further innovative approaches for transforming patriarchal masculinities and working with men and boys for gender equality, LGBTIQ rights and social justice. 

Guidelines for a CoLab peer learning session

Throughout 2024, the CoLab peer learning sessions will be open to submissions that share lessons learned, challenges and impacts/results of the work they are doing around men and masculinities, including (but not limited to) programs, campaigns, advocacy, partnerships and movement building to advance the vision of transforming masculinities for gender justice, human rights , LGBTIQ rights, climate justice, economies of care, peace and security, and social justice. 

Submissions must be aligned with the mission of MenEngage Alliance, as well as its Accountability Framework.

Sessions should share lessons learned from both failures and challenges, as well as successes, results and impacts. Organizers are encouraged to work with relevant partners (which can include non-members of MenEngage Alliance). For example, a session could present the results of a collaboration between researchers and practitioners. Organizers are also encouraged to present interconnected themes.

Call for submissions for 2024 now open

Any member of MenEngage Alliance may submit an idea for a session using this form (use this for Spanish, this for English, and this for French ). Once received, a member of the Global Secretariat of MenEngage Alliance will contact you to discuss your submission, and will be available to provide support and guidance in shaping it.

The Global Secretariat will provide technical support to facilitate the online platform, manage invites and promotion, capture and disseminate the recording.

Sessions in 2023

During 2023 we held eight sessions that spoke to preventing and eliminating violence against women and girls, and gender based violence more broadly – given that this is a priority for many members of MenEngage Alliance.  

From working with fathers in Lebanon for gender equality (session with ABAAD) to engaging faith and community leaders in Congo for gender transformative change within the society and men (session with Tearfund), the CoLab session engaged with our members from across the globe. 

Explore all of the sessions we had by clicking here.

29 January 2024