Sierra Leone

The objectives of MenEngage Sierra Leone are:

  • To improve the status of women and girls and address issues of gender inequality
  • To circumvent the traditional academic approach to gender promotion and advocacy by adopting a bottom-top approach with grassroots oriented strategies from within family settings

Key activities include:

  • Community engagement forums on masculinity issues
  • Raising awareness of national gender law and policy
  • Radio discussion programs on gender equality
  • Community drama performances on gender in relation to HIV and AIDS
  • Intergenerational dialogues at community level on social norms and how they amplify violence against women and girls
  • Public rallies
  • School outreach programmes
  • Debates and symposiums
  • Training and capacity building for rural based men
  • Training of men and boys on gender equality and the prevention of gender-based violence
  • Policy Advocacy Campaigns on GBV laws and gender equality
  • Training of Trainers of Civil Society Groups on social norms and mobilization on gender and GBV law

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