A Critical Dialogue on Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Justice – Summary Report

Experiences, concerns, lessons learned, and recommendations for accountable work with men and boys.

This report shares insights from people working on women’s rights and empowerment, and those working to engage men and boys, from around the world.

Who will find this resource useful?

This report is useful for anyone who wants to understand more about accountability in efforts to engage men and boys in gender justice work. It offers insights that can help you to implement high-quality masculinites programs and to work in solidarity with feminist movement building efforts.

With insights on power, privilege, patriarchy, and intersectionality, the report explores how your work might become truly gender transformative. The report calls for more efforts to challenge structures and systems, and to politicize work with men and boys. It makes recommendations for how to do this such as building partnerships, improving monitoring and evaluation, and building networks for change.

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Find out more about what you can do to make sure your programs are supporting women’s rights and LGBTQI rights movements at the Accountability page.

About the Authors:

This report was developed by MenEngage Alliance, based on a 3-day online dialogue held in April 2016 in which 134 people from 39 countries participated.


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