Accountability Standards and Guidelines

A guide for promoting high standards of accountability, and for carefully considered, impactful work with men and boys for gender equality.

We believe it is important to promote a culture of accountability among our networks. The Accountability Standards below aim to support this. They complement the MenEngage Code of Conduct and Core Principles by providing standards and guidelines to:

  • Prevent the violation of or infringement upon MenEngage’s Core Principles and Code of Conduct
  • Respond effectively if concerns emerge regarding the conduct of a member
  • Collaborate openly with women’s rights and other social justice organizations.

We recognize that there is variation in local practice and circumstances, and encourage members to adapt the standards and guidelines to fit their contexts.

On this page, you can read a summary of the 12 Accountability Standards. You can read about them in more detail – including how they can be applied in practice – by downloading the full Accountability Standards and Guidelines document.

Find out more about being accountable on our Accountability page.

Download the MenEngage Accountability Standards and Guidelines

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12 Accountability Standards of MenEngage Alliance Summary

  1. MenEngage members in positions of leadership shall promote mutual accountability. They shall hold all members to the highest levels of accountability to stakeholders, particularly women’s rights groups, and they shall remain accountable as well.
  2. MenEngage leadership shall work together to support other members in finding solutions to issues of accountability.
  3. MenEngage members shall seek collaboration, open dialogue and criticism from women’s rights organizations and other key stakeholders.
  4. MenEngage members shall engage women’s rights groups and other key stakeholders to improve programs and initiatives on gender equality.
  5. MenEngage members shall work with other social justice organizations to promote accountability and support the Core Principles.
  6. MenEngage members shall establish a basic set of institutional policies that reflect respect for and commitment to an equitable work environment. MenEngage members shall ensure that all staff are aware of and understand the organization’s institutional policies.
  7. MenEngage members shall promote women’s leadership within their organizations, and/or include representatives from women’s rights organizations on their boards of directors or similar governing bodies.
  8. MenEngage members shall ensure that staff working with men and boys understand the MenEngage Code of Conduct or its regional/national adaptation.
  9. When applicable, MenEngage members shall abide by international ethical standards and principles on research.
  10. All MenEngage members shall agree to and sign on to a Code of Conduct that outlines expectations of gender equitable behavior.
  11. MenEngage members shall be knowledgeable of and put into practice the MenEngage Standards and Guidelines of Accountability.
  12. MenEngage members shall implement initiatives that promote critical self reflection and challenging of social views.

Who will find this resource useful?

This resource provides clear guidelines and a set of 12 accountability standards that will help you to develop and implement programs with positive outcomes for gender justice, social justice, LGBTQI rights and other social justice issues.

It is relevant to all organizations working with men and boys on issues relating to gender, masculinities, equality, and social justice. It is a key resource for country and regional networks of MenEngage Alliance to promote accountability at all levels.

It offers guidance on how to ensure your programs and activities add value to existing efforts for gender justice, social justice, and to best support the groups and communities you work with.

Find out more:

Fostering accountability is an ongoing process. Visit our Accountability page to learn more, and for resources for promoting positive and impactful work in your organization and networks. This resource is accompanied by the MenEngage Accountability Training Toolkit, a guide for facilitating activities to promote accountability in your organizations, projects, and networks.

About the Authors

These Standards and Guidelines were developed by MenEngage Alliance, in consultation with external partners.

01 December 2014