Allyship – Online Course by White Ribbon Canada

This curriculum serves as a guide for youth educators, and the youth themselves, to explore and understand how ideals of gender, masculinity, and relationships shape our lives and decisions.

Spanning seven modules, the curriculum is designed to educate and engage youth on advocating for gender justice, challenging patriarchal framing of masculinity, and promoting healthy, equitable relationships with others.

For men who wish to act as allies in ending gender-based violence will find this resource useful in learning how they can do so.

This self-paced learning course is primarily designed for educators or youth workers to deepen their knowledge on gender and social issues, especially from a masculinities’ perspective, in the context of Canada. 

Crucially, this course is about engaging men as allies in dismantling harmful gender norms, fostering healthy relationships, and working to end gender-based violence. After all, men play a vital role in reshaping societal norms, and so this course provides the tools and knowledge to be effective agents of change.

The curriculum encourages self-reflection, so that men can better understand how societal expectations of masculinity impact their own lives. Part of this self-reflection process is building empathy for other men, and especially for women, 2SLGBTQ+ individuals. Through these calls for building emotional intelligence men learn to embrace a healthier and more authentic version of masculinity. This in turn will allow them to foster positive connections and build caring relationships. Consequently, prompted by this will to care, men can act as allies in promoting consent culture amongst their male circles, fostering a sense of collective responsibility in ending gender-based violence.

Who will find this resource useful?

Youth leaders, educators, and activists will find this resource useful for advocating for gender equality, violence prevention, and healthy relationships. Additionally, educational institutions and community organizers can find it useful in workshops, training sessions, or awareness programs targeted at youth.

About the authors

White Ribbon is a Canada-based organization committed to building a world free of gender-based violence through campaigns, technical assistance, tools, and publications. 


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09 May 2024
White Ribbon
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