Explore highlights, challenges & lessons learned from the past 5 years of MenEngage Alliance

A new microsite has been published that shares highlights, challenges, and lessons learned from the past 4+ years of MenEngage Alliance.

The microsite, available at highlights2017-21.menengage.org, brings together videos, reports, photos, statistics, and reflections on what we have done – and what we have learned – as a global Alliance during the previous Strategic Period. It is based on an independent Evaluation of the Strategic Period 2017-2020 and is available in French, Spanish, and English.

The microsite is divided into three areas:

Building a community for change
Accountable practices and partnerships
Shifting discourse and policies

We want to thank all our members and partners for being part of this journey to develop towards an accountable international network for social change. We look forward to more collaborative efforts in the years ahead to advance our collective mission to transform patriarchal masculinities and work with men and boys for gender justice.

03 February 2022