This #16DaysOfActivism, let’s look inward as well as out

As a community committed to gender justice, we’re often focussed on looking to change the world 'out there'. In fact, that is an important element of our collective awareness-raising and solidarity throughout 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence – and today for International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

We all can (and must) do our part to prevent sexual harassment. That means taking steps in our workplaces, networks, communities to...

The Global 16 Days Campaign is hosted by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership at Rutgers University and runs from November 25th to December 10th, 2021. 

For this year’s #16DaysofActivism, in addition to the crucial work to end gender-based violence in the world, we invite you to join us in looking inwardly as well. If we are to truly and meaningfully support gender justice, we must live by the values and principles we want to see in the world.

Make sure everyone understands what sexual harassment is, what it looks like, what drives it, and the harm it causes (to individuals as well as to society).

This is part of our shared vision for a world where all people are equal, and free from harassment or violence. 16 Days of Activism reminds us that this vision must begin with ourselves, and our own networks, communities, and spaces.

Make sure you have a policy on preventing and ending sexual harassment – and that it’s regularly updated. Importantly, ensure everyone at your organization knows about it (and where to find it)

Throughout the 16 Days Campaign, we will be posting and sharing across our social media channels to promote actions we can all take in our workplaces, networks and communities to prevent and end sexual harassment.

We are doing this with the recognition that social justice spaces are not immune to harassment, harm, and abuses of power. If we want to eliminate gender-based violence everywhere, we must first be able to do so in our own communities.

Foster a respectful and safe work environment where anyone in the team feels encouraged to speak up.

We can all take positive, proactive steps to create safe, respectful and equitable communities for all – to end gender-based violence in workplaces and beyond.

If you want to follow or share the MenEngage campaign, visit the global MenEngage Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. For the 16 Days Campaign, visit the main 16 Days website.

Illustration with text: Together we can create workplaces, communities, and networks where everyone feels respected and free from harassment.

Global 16 Days Campaign Digital Map

We encourage everyone to share your #16DaysofActivism activities and actions from local, national, regional and global levels, on the official campaign’s digital map – the most comprehensive tool to be a part of and to build momentum for this global movement – as well as an opportunity to see who else is carrying out actions in your country, region and other parts of the world.

Supporting this year's official themes and tracks for 16 Days of Activism

Track One: Ending Femicide Worldwide

Advocacy Guide and Social Media Toolkits

The global 16 Days Campaign has produced an Advocacy Guide on the issue of ending femicide.

The guide examines femicide and its different forms as a feminist human rights issue and recommends actions that can be taken to demand accountability and action during the annual campaign and all year round.

The scope of issues discussed in this guide represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of how prevalent femicide is around the world and the international norms and standards that can be used to address it.

The guide is accompanied by a social media toolkit that will enable you to increase awareness about femicide in your own community and/or national context and lend your voice to a global call to action to end femicide.

These resources mark a continuation of the Global 16 Days Campaign’s effort since the last 30 years to establish a world without violence and a celebration of the power of collective action to end violence against women.

Track Two: Ending Violence in the World of Work/ILO C190 Ratification

Advocacy Guide on domestic violence and the world of work

The global 16 Days Campaign has been running a multi-year theme on ending gender-based violence in the world of work. This year, the campaign is paying special attention to domestic violence, and how it impacts victims and survivors in both formal and informal workplaces.

Click here for the Advocacy guide on ending domestic violence and violence in the world of work.

MenEngage Alliance supports and endorses this campaign.

At the same time, we encourage members and partners to support the parallel campaign, run by the International Labor Organization, to ratify Convention 190.



02 December 2021