Digital Contexts: Media, Attention Economies and the Manosphere

A Discussion Paper exploring how rapid technological change is affecting expressions and experiences of patriarchal masculinities.

This report offers a broad analysis on how digital and technological trends are shaped by—and shape—gender relations. In particular, it looks at how norms, behaviors, and values related to being a man are showing up in digital spaces. This includes social media, and the ecosystem of anti-feminist and misogynistic spaces sometimes referred to as the ‘manosphere’.

Who will find this resource useful?

This resource is a strong analysis for those looking to gain a broad understanding of the links between patriarchy, masculinities, capitalism, and technology. It provides a contextual basis for further analysis and research, as well as key framings for policy makers around gender justice, as well as those working with men and boys directly.

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Read the MenEngage Alliance Statement on this topic for advocacy positions and recommendations.

About the authors

This Discussion Paper is an extract from the paper, Contexts and Challenges for Gender Transformative Work With Men and Boys, 2020, authored by Alan Greig for MenEngage Alliance. The chapter, ‘Digital Contexts’ has been re-published here as a stand-alone paper ahead of the 67th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women.

28 February 2023
First published
19 December 2020


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