Policy Agenda: Feminist action for climate justice

An agenda for supporting a progressive policy framework for climate justice, including through feminist-informed work with men and boys.

Patriarchy is harmful to our climate. This Policy Agenda calls for much greater efforts to advance this perspective by engaging men as human beings who are also vulnerable to disasters brought on by climate change.

Moreover, it calls for framing men and boys as key actors with agency to enact positive changes for the environment, alongside activists of all genders. This resource is therefore a useful starting point to push for environmental policies that include transforming rigid ideas of masculinity that are too often based on control and domination over natural resources and nature itself.

Policy Agenda: Feminist action for climate justice

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Who will find this resource useful?

This Policy Agenda is a useful resource for anyone advocating for environmental and climate justice for all. In particular, it offers key insights on masculinities that can inform advocacy efforts around sustainability. It is relevant for environmental justice advocates, activists, policy-makers, UN agencies and allied civil society organizations.

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This is part of a series of MenEngage Alliance Policy Agendas for the Generation Equality Forum. The series sets out the latest advocacy positions of MenEngage Alliance on key issues.

About the Authors

This resource was developed by MenEngage Alliance global Advocacy Working Group for joint advocacy efforts at the Generation Equality Forum


Image Credit: Pok Rie

28 March 2021