Short Life Stories – a film about the intersection of gender-based violence and transphobia

A short film that follows the story of a young trans woman as she embraces the beginning of her authentic new life and experiences the joys and challenges that ensue.

In solidarity with trans people, White Ribbon Canada produced this short film for Transgender Day of Remembrance to commemorate the lives lost to violent acts of transphobia and transmisogyny.

“I imagine a world where we are not mourning the deaths of trans people, but celebrating their lives while they dance through the streets with all their unbridled and unapologetic joy.” These words come from Kiara-Kumail who plays the lead in the new short film, Short Life Stories, produced as part of Trans Awareness Week (November 13 to November 19) and Transgender Day Of Remembrance, which falls on 20 November.

The film is a powerful reminder of the importance of acceptance, understanding, and active support to end violence against gender diverse people. 

The film’s director, Angela Bird says, “I hope this film can introduce the audience to transgender and non-binary characters and help them understand that all they want is to live rich and fulfilling lives like any CIS-gendered person.

As WhiteRibbon Canada notes, “15% of total hate crimes reported in Canada were anti-2SLGBTQI+ related, making them the second largest group of reported crimes in 2021”  

Transgender Day Of Remembrance is an opportunity to  show allyship with all trans people by calling for an end to violence they face, justice for violence enacted, and celebration of trans lives and remembering those lost to transphobic killings.

Who will find this resource useful

This film is useful for people who are working to end violence against trans and gender diverse people. This film functions as a call to action against transphobia and transmisogyny, and provides a way to learn more about the challenges that trans and gender diverse people face and how to be an ally. 

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Click here to see the film and accompanying resources on the White Ribbon Campaign website

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White Ribbon is a Canada-based organization committed to building a world free of gender-based violence through campaigns, technical assistance, tools, and publications. The White Ribbon Pledge calls on men to never commit, condone or stay silent about violence against women.


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