A Handbook of what we see, what we believe, and our strategic approaches

A handbook the explore the change we want to see in the world as MenEngage Alliance, and how we believe we can get there–in solidarity with each other and other networks and movements.

This handbook aims to offer a quick explanation of MenEngage Alliance, describing how we see the world and how we want to change it. It summarises the key points of the MenEngage Strategic Plan 2021-24 – a much more extensive document that was developed together with members of MenEngage Alliance and critical feminist partners at every stage.

Who will find this resource useful?

This document is a helpful starting point for anyone looking to understand the current Strategic Plan of MenEngage Alliance, including our vision and guiding principles. It is an important reference document for members of MenEngage Alliance at all levels. It is also useful reading for non-members who wish to know more about why we come together as an international alliance, and what our current strategic approaches are. 

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It is summarized from our Strategic Plan, which has been created through an extensive and collaborative process among representatives from across MenEngage Alliance, plus key external partners. Our Strategic Plan builds upon previous global and regional Strategic Plans and the Evaluation of the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, which included the views and insights of members and partners.

About the authors

This handbook was developed by the Global Secretariat of MenEngage Alliance, in consultation with regional network representatives and the global Communications and Knowledge Management Working Group. Design and illustrations are by Lulu Kitololo.

06 March 2023
First published
06 March 2023


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