MenEngage on the Spot: An accountability dialogue on the work of MenEngage Alliance, past, present and future

A summary of an open conversation putting MenEngage Alliance 'on the spot'. Feminist and gender justice activists share their views on MenEngage Alliance and its accountability practices - past, present and future.

This report shares gaps and challenges in the work of MenEngage Alliance. It explores critical opportunities for how work with men and boys can be more accountable and contribute to gender justice, human rights and social justice movements.

This report is valuable reading for anyone wanting to better understand some of the critical challenges that have been raised around work to engage men and boys in gender equality, women’s rights, and LGBTQI rights. It contains important lessons, feedback, and recommendations for those aspiring to work in solidarity with these movements.

Many of the recommendations in this report have become cornerstones of recent MenEngage Alliance efforts to foster greater accountability in work with men and boys for gender justice.

MenEngage on the Spot: An accountability dialogue on the work of the Alliance, past, present and future, after 10 years of existence

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About the Authors

This report was developed by MenEngage Alliance, based on a conversation held in New York at CSW62 in 2018 with feminist, LGBTQI, and social justice activists.

16 March 2018


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