Unpacking Masculinities in South Asian Media documentary

A documentary exploring how TV, music, movies, radio and social media shape ideas about 'manhood' in South Asia.

Produced by MenEngage Alliance South Asia, the film includes insights from experts in the region and close readings from research. It shows how representations of men and masculinities in popular media impact the ways manhood is seen, understood, and embodied more broadly.

The 20-minute film looks at the historical trends that have shaped and defined manhood in South Asian media. It then looks at how traditional norms of masculinity are being transformed across the South Asian media landscape today.

Samitha Sugathamala, regional coordinator of MenEngage Alliance South Asia, said:

“Media has a big impact on our everyday lives. It influences how we learn our identities, and the unspoken social rules of what behaviors and attitudes should be followed. This includes ideas around masculinity and how men and boys should think and behave Unfortunately, masculinity is often portrayed in the media in ways that reinforce unhealthy and sometimes violent stereotypes about masculinity.

“We created this documentary to give more people an introduction to the links between media and masculinity. So more people can critically question the norms and ideas that are being shared in the media. We also wanted to shine a light on some of the individuals who are breaking the norms and showing that masculinity cannot and should not be put in a box.

“We hope that people watching this documentary will have a better understanding of how media and masculinities relate to each other. And how questioning and transforming harmful media representations of masculinity is an essential part of achieving women’s rights, LGBTQI rights, and a better society for all – including men and boys”

Who will find this resource useful?

This documentary is important viewing for anyone looking for an introduction to the impact of media on gender, and masculinities in particular. While it focussed on South Asian media and contexts, the film documents trends and insights that are relevant all around the world.

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Visit the South Asia video playlist on the MenEngage Alliance YouTube channel for more video content on masculinities and gender justice in the region.

About the authors

The video was produced by MenEngage South Asia with the support of Clear Media Productions (Pvt) Ltd. With special thanks to: Samitha Sugathimala, Renushi Ubeyratna, Bilquis Tahira, Imtiaz Pavel Neel, Dr. Sanjay Srivastava, Senel Wanniarachchi, Dr. Visakesa Chandrasekaram and the staff of MenEngage Global Secretariat.

23 November 2022
First published
23 November 2022


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