Key MenEngage Alliance Publications

Transforming Masculinities: Towards a Shared Vision

This report explores some of the latest discussions on key themes and challenges for MenEngage Alliance. It offers ways forward to ensure our collective work makes a real contribution to feminist agendas and promotes the rights of all women and girls, and people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

MenEngage Alliance brochure

A good introduction to MenEngage Alliance, what we stand for, our key strategies and a guide to where we work around the world.

Delhi Call to Action

(2014 – available in 13 languages)

MenEngage Alliance Global Code of Conduct (updated, 2014)

An instrument that helps members remains consistent with the values and principles of the Alliance, both in their personal lives and in our professional and public work.

MenEngage Alliance Accountability Training Toolkit

Aims to complement and put into practice the MenEngage Accountability Standards and Guidelines. Consists of a suggested curriculum to aid organizations in developing concrete strategies for prevention and response in cases of breaches of good conduct.

MenEngage Alliance Accountability Standards and Guidelines

(Russian version)

Sets out the twelve accountability standards and guidelines to assist organizations and networks to put into practice the MenEngage Principles and the Code of Conduct.

MenEngage Alliance Network Building Toolkit

This toolkit aims to provide guidance on the steps and processes involved in setting up a network that collectively works towards transforming violent masculinities and engaging men and boys in gender equality.

Critical Dialogue on Engaging Boys and Men in Gender Equality: Accountability & Partnerships

Summarizes and shares the key discussion points, trends and recommendations that emerged from the a dialogue with key partners and stakeholders. This substantive report explores key themes such as how work with men and boys can truly challenge structures of inequality, build partnerships, address the question of funding, work both together and independently, work with faith leaders and, improve monitoring and evaluation and importantly, build networks for change.

Men, Masculinities & Climate Change: A Discussion Paper

Aims to establish a rationale for understanding boys’ and men’s multiple roles in climate change by conducting an analysis of masculinities in patriarchal systems that play a contributing role in perpetuating climate change.

Financing gender equality: report of a breakfast meeting

Aims to summarize the current gender justice financing landscape and an overview of the key concerns around financing gender equality work, describing the current financing landscape.

Men, Masculinities & Changing Power

In collaboration with UN Women and the support of UNFPA, this report seeks to start a dialogue about moving forward with efforts that actively engagement and boys in challenging power dynamics and frames the urgency for transformative approach to gender equality.

Discourses and reflections ‘Masculinities in the Arab World: Trajectories to Peace and Gender Equality’ conference

In collaboration with UN Women, Abaad, and Promundo this action-oriented report, produced by theMenEngage Alliance Global Secretariat, compiles the outcomes of the conference based on the discussions at each of the 12 sessions as well as interviews with 14 key stakeholders. It focuses primarily on recommendations, including from the IMAGES report, and ways forward for men and masculinities work in the region.

More than 30 resources from the 2nd MenEngage Symposium, Delhi (2014)

Language mapping agreements Beijing Platform for Action & Commission on the Status of Women (1995-2018)

CSW63 Summary report (2019)

This report contains valuable insights into how MenEngage Alliance is working to support efforts towards progressive international agreements and policies to transform masculinities and engage men and boys towards the rights of all women, girls and people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions.

CSW62 Summary Report (2018)

The theme of the 62nd session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women was rural women and girls. Yet grassroots activists from rural areas were disproportionately left out of the conversation that took place. In our summary report of the 62nd CSW session, we join others in raising this issue, and also highlight CSW’s discussions and events most relevant to men and masculinities.

CSW61 Summary report (2017)

Shares the experience of MenEngage Alliance at CSW61 with Alliance members, partners and friends, bringing in a specific focus on transforming masculinities and engaging men and boys in women’s rights and gender justice for all.

CSW60 Summary Report (2016)

Gives an overview of the outcomes of CSW60, particularly how they relate to men and boys, and the participation of MenEngage Alliance members and partners at the event.

MenEngage on the spot: an accountability dialogue on the work of the alliance, past, present and future, after 10 years of existence (2018)

During CSW62, MenEngage Alliance invited feminists, women’s rights, SRHR, LGBTIQA+ rights, social and gender justice activists to an open dialogue about our work to dismantle patriarchy, transform masculinities and engage men and boys. At the gathering we turned the focus upon ourselves in a critical, solution-based dialogue on our accountability practices – past, present and future – with the broader gender justice field.

Advocacy Briefs

Policy Brief Accelerating efforts to eliminate violence against women: Engaging men and boys in preventing and responding to violence against all women and girls (2017)

MenEngage Alliance members have collectively developed this policy brief, which outlines the Alliance’s position on engaging men and boys in preventing and responding to violence against women and girls, some promising strategies and resources and our call to action.

Engaging men and boys in social norms transformation as a means to achieving Agenda 2030 and the SDGs (2017)

This policy brief provides a comprehensive Call to Action on the engagement of men and boys in social norms transformation for the achievement of the SDGs, in particular Goal 5. We call for scaled-up and institutionalized evidence-based gender-transformative interventions with men and boys that challenge the social and cultural norms which act as a barrier to gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.

Briefing note: Engaging men and boys and transforming masculinities for the realization of CEDAW’s Mandates (2018)

Case Study on Joint Advocacy: MenEngage Alliance at the 35th Session of the Human Rights Council (2017)

MenEngage Alliance has compiled a detailed report which highlights our coordinated actions, a review of processes and outcomes, lessons learned, key political agendas pursued and achieved, reflections on areas of improvement, as well a summary of critical next steps to be taken as an Alliance, following the conclusion of the session.

Summary Report Virtual Roundtable Dialogue: Roles and responsibilities of men and boys in response to #MeToo (2018)

This report outlines the main discussion points and ways forward suggested by participants to address cultures of violence, from changing the individual attitudes and behaviours of men and boys, to transforming broader systems to eliminate violence and injustices.

State of the World’s Fathers report (2015)    

Produced by the MenCare campaign, this report brings together key international research findings along with program and policy examples related to men’s participation in caregiving; in sexual and reproductive health and rights; in maternal, newborn, and child health; in violence and violence prevention; and in child development.

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