Generation Equality Forum: Transforming patriarchal masculinities on the agenda

The Policy Agenda documents available below set out the advocacy positions of MenEngage Alliance in relation to the Generation Equality Forum discussions.

The Generation Equality Forum (GEF) is a civil-society centered, global gathering for gender equality convened by UN Women and co-hosted by the governments of Mexico and France. It aims to shape a renewed framework for gender justice globally, reaffirming past agreements and committing to bold and urgent action.

Throughout GEF, we strive to act in solidarity with feminist voices calling for women’s rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights, LGBTIQA+ rights, and social and environmental justice. One way we do this is by elevating the agendas and demands of these groups, to whom we hold ourselves accountable.


Where do discussions on ‘engaging men and boys’ fit into the Generation Equality Forum?

The Generation Equality Forum discussions have been structured according to six themes, outlined below. Each theme is explored and discussed by a dedicated coalition of organizations from civil society, government, and the private sector, called ‘Action Coalitions’.

The discussions of the Action Coalitions are informed by a series of cross-cutting issues. One of these is ‘Transforming Gender Norms (including by engaging men and boys)’. This, alongside the other cross-cutting issues, will be used to strategize on, and inform the “concrete, ambitious and immediate actions” put forward by the Action Coalitions.


The MenEngage Alliance Policy Agendas seek to support the uptake and nuancing of a progressive framework to engage men and boys. 

Each Policy Agenda below goes into further detail on the advocacy positions of MenEngage Alliance in relation to each theme. They call for a global commitment to dismantle patriarchal masculinities, harmful social-gender norms, and unequal power relations  for the realization of gender, social and environmental justice for all.

These resources offer a comprehensive political framework and policy agenda for the GEF Action Coalitions. They are relevant for advocates, activists, policy-makers, UN agencies and allied civil society organizations at the Generation Equality Forum and beyond.


Download the MenEngage Alliance Policy Agenda documents

The following Policy Agendas are grouped according to the key themes of the Action Coalitions, as well as the Women Peace & Security and Humanitarian Action Compact:

Women Peace & Security and Humanitarian Action (Compact) (FrançaisEspañol)

Technology and innovation for gender equality (Français, Español)

Gender-based violence (Français, Español)

Feminist movements and leadership (Français, Español)

Feminist action for climate justice (Français, Español)

Economic Justice & Rights (Français, Español)

Bodily autonomy and sexual & reproductive health & rights (Français, Español)


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