Sexual Harassment prevention: Campaign graphics pack

A series of campaign graphics for raising awareness around sexual harassment

Illustration with text: Together we can create workplaces, communities, and networks where everyone feels respected and free from harassment.

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Preventing and ending sexual harassment takes proactive, ongoing efforts. Sexual harassment is widespread  across every context. This includes social justice spaces and networks. The communications materials on this page are designed to help organizations and networks to raise awarenss and capacity to proactively prevent and respond to sexual harassment.

They were first launched as a campaign to coincide with 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence in 2021.

Please see below for a selection of the campaign graphics.

Who will find this resource useful?

These graphics are useful for organizations and individuals looking for digital materials that can be used across social media and other digital channels. These MenEngage Alliance materials are free for anyone to use for initiatives aiming to prevent and end sexual harassment.

Find out more

For more guidance and promising practices on preventing and ending sexual harassment, please see the MenEngage Alliance Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures. If you need to report an instance of sexual harassment relating to MenEngage Alliance networks or spaces, please see the Reporting a Concern page.

About the authors

These graphics were developed by the MenEngage Global Secretariat with illustration and design by Izabela Markova.

Examples of the graphics

We all can (and must) do our part to prevent sexual harassment. That means taking steps in our workplaces, networks, communities to...
Make sure you have a policy on preventing and ending sexual harassment – and that it’s regularly updated. Importantly, ensure everyone at your organization knows about it (and where to find it)
Foster a respectful and safe work environment where anyone in the team feels encouraged to speak up.
Make sure everyone understands what sexual harassment is, what it looks like, what drives it, and the harm it causes (to individuals as well as to society).
Illustration with text: This important work must start with ourselves – in our own spaces, networks, and communities.
Illustration with text: Unite against misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, or any form of discriminatory behaviour and practices!
07 December 2022
First published
25 November 2021


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