Group photo of 50 participants at the MenEngage Europe Membership Meeting 2018

MenEngage Europe is an important resource for organisations and individuals working with men and boys to achieve gender equality, end violence, and promote health for men, women and children in Europe.

The regional MenEngage Europe Network was formed in January 2009 at a regional consultation meeting in Stockholm, Sweden. Approximately 80 delegates representing more than 40 organizations from 25 European countries attended the meeting. Men for Gender Equality Sweden and Save the Children Sweden hosted the meeting, which was partially funded by the EU. Since then, MenEngage Europe is coordinated by the Swedish NGO, ‘Men for Gender Equality’.

In 2012 MenEngage Europe conducted a study for the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) to map and analyse organisations and individuals working with men in the (then) 27 European Union Member States. As a result of discussions at meetings in Amsterdam (November 2013) and Oxford (March 2014), the current Strategic Plan for MenEngage Europe was prepared by the provisional Steering Committee established in Amsterdam in 2013. The text was finalised following comments from the wider membership at a meeting in Zagreb in September 2014.

If you have not already done so, we invite you to become a member of MenEngage Europe!
You can become a member at the Global MenEngage website by agreeing on the MenEngage Code of Conduct and Core Principles and register here:

As a MEE member you will be able to:
– share resources and create opportunities for collaboration among a diverse network of individuals and organisations all over Europe;
– build the capacity for a large scale, broad-based collective voice;
– elect Steering Committee members for MenEngage Europe;
-participate in MEE working groups, meetings and other activities;
– serve as advocates for MEE within your own regions, countries and communities.

MenEngage Europe’s operating structure includes a Steering Committee and Working Groups. Steering committee members are drawn from the general membership and responsible for decision-making, communications, and management of collective activities. MenEngage Europe is not a formally registered organisation, but rather a dynamic network of individuals and organisations with a shared purpose and vision.
Because we represent diverse fields of engaging men and boys, MenEngage Europe offers a unique opportunity for networking, sharing resources and collaboration. As a member you will have the opportunity to share resources, learn from the lessons and experiences from other efforts, and be part of a growing community both in Europe and around the world.

Our communication and information sharing is done via a Google Group for members, and our Facebook page and group. The Facebook group is for members only. Men for Gender Equality (Sweden) and Emancipator (Netherlands) coordinates the European Network. Men for Gender Equality can be reached at

Steering Committee Members of MenEngage Europe as of October 2018:

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