Youth organization Status M

We are a nongovernment, nonprofit organization of civil society established in the beginning of 2010. In a period of less than four years we have achieved many of our goals.

As a youth organization, we are organizing interactive workshops, lectures, different events and seminars, as well as organizing campaigns focused on youth and community. We gather young people in healthy environment, advocating for their interests and popularizing positive life styles. We conduct research linked to the habits of young people, on which we base new working models and publish issues.

We use non-formal education established on evidences, as well as positive youth development and gender transformative practices so that young people can achieve knowledge and life skills which are essential for facing many risks they are surrounded by. We are devoted to developing new and innovative approaches for working for and with young people.

From the beginning, we have been focused on working with young men and including men in the processes of making a more equitable society.


Through our center we work directly with young people with emphasis on working with young men, offering them the possibility of volunteering and opening space for their own ideas and contributions to the society.

Our resource center works on building capacity for programs involving young people, especially young men, evaluating, standardizing, preparing methodologies and working with professional workers for young people.

Throughout M-center we also continuously work on raising awareness about the importance of including men in processes of achieving gender equality by public media.

The Young Men Initiative program is directed at working with young men between the ages of 13 and 19 on the prevention of violence, promotion of positive attitudes and behaviors, and the inclusion of boys and young men in the process of building a better society.
It consists of several key elements: educational workshops developed by methodology of Manual M and the campaign “Be a man, change the rules,” focused on young men and violence prevention.

The need for such a program is visible every day, where young men and boys live under the pressure of hegemonic views of masculinity. These views strongly support causes of violent behavior, unequal attitudes related to gender and unhealthy behavior associated with alcohol and other drugs.

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