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About the North America MenEngage Network (NAMEN)

A regional network for gender equality and healthy manhood in North America

The North America MenEngage Network (NAMEN) is the regional network, of MenEngage Alliance, comprising of organizations and individuals working with men and boys to achieve gender equality, end violence, and promote health for men, women and children in North America. NAMEN is not a formally registered organization, but rather a network of members with a steering committee drawn from the general membership responsible for decision-making, communications, and the management of collective activities.

Representing diverse fields of engaging men and boys:

  1. as positive fathers, mentors and caregivers
  2. in ending men’s violence against women and girls
  3. for sexual and reproductive health and rights
  4. in maternal and child health
  5. in ending all forms of violence between men and boys
  6. in challenging homophobia and advocating for LGBTI rights
  7. to address the role of boys and men in child sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and trafficking
  8. as activists to change policies that perpetuate gender inequalities and violence

Bringing added value to current local, regional, national, and North American initiatives

  • Building a broad network of individuals and organizations from diverse fields
  • Creating opportunities for collaboration and resource sharing
  • Strengthening local, national and regional organizations by connecting to a global movement
  • Organizing coordinated advocacy/activist campaigns

NAMEN affirms that its work with men and boys stems from and honors the pioneering work and ongoing leadership of women’s rights organizations and movements. We stand in solidarity with the ongoing struggles for women’s empowerment and rights. By working in collaboration with women’s rights organizations, NAMEN members aim to change individual men’s attitudes and practices, and transform the imbalance of power between men and women in relationships, families, communities, institutions and nations.

NAMEN member organizations believe that to achieve transformative and sustainable social change around gender inequalities, we must implement a broad range of social change strategies from small-scale interventions to systemic, large-scale, and coordinated action to achieve gender justice and equity.

Activities of NAMEN include information-sharing, joint training and national, regional and local advocacy. The network develops joint statements of action on specific areas of engaging men, carries out advocacy campaigns and seeks to act as a collective voice to promote a movement of men and boys engaged in and working toward gender equality and questioning violence and non-equitable versions of manhood.

We are dedicated to promoting cultures of masculinities that respect sexual diversity and sexual and reproductive rights of all. NAMEN will actively advocate against, question and seek to overcome, sexism, social exclusion, homophobia, racism or any form of discriminatory behavior. Whenever possible in our activities, programs, and advocacy actions we will seek to explore the intersections between these forms of discrimination and address their impact on gender equality, men’s violence against women, children, and intimate partners, and healthy masculinities.

Membership in NAMEN is open to those individuals and organizations operating in North America with an interest in and commitment to the Network’s vision and goals as described above.

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